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4 ways developers can better serve their end users

1. Always Go The Extra Mile

Customer experience and profit are nearly synonymous. If you go the extra mile to satisfy your customers, you will make more profit. As far as development goes, focus on the “basics" including things like spacious sidewalks, big back patios, and wide-open lawns.

2. Create Warm, Usable Spaces

Create spaces that are actually warm and usable for your tenants. Often times the amenities in many communities go unused. Send out surveys to your tenant base asking what they want and why they don’t use what you have. If you serve them—they will feel listened to and will renew over and over

3. Design Around People's Needs

The key to desirability is creativity and designing around the people’s needs. For example, a mountain lodge offering a clubhouse with hot tubs and a wine self-serve bar could be an enticing element for a buyer.

4. Leverage The Work-From-Home Trend

In building family communities pay attention to housing trends. Staying abreast of what is happening with the permanent work-from-home trend. For many homebuyers, working from home will be full-time and for others, part-time. Adding amenity spaces like private work-from-home areas equipped with high-speed internet, comfortable chairs, and privacy are crucial in today's "new normal."

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