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Building New Co-Work Spaces

The Pandemic of COVID-19 has made many companies and employees rethink their working environments, whether it’s working from home on a part-time basis or reconfiguring existing offices to comply with CDC guidelines for social distancing. The most innovative companies are totally re-imagining workspaces for the 21st century.

The driving force in this new economy is that after months of working at home, many are finding that operating out of their houses full-time isn’t doing the trick. Some look for quiet getaways from cramped spaces with children, roommates, and other distractions. This demand is creating an interesting opportunity for companies to create spaces that allow for privacy, creativity, and efficiency.

Three companies that have made it their business to reimagine these workspaces are Industrious, Second Home, and The Gathering Spot.

Industrious & Wythe Hotel: Brooklyn, NY

Industrious co-working spaces and their “out-of-the-box” partnership with The Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn turned the boutique hotel’s unused guest rooms into office spaces.

The Industrious Wythe Hotel spaces can be booked by the day and offer a co-working-style alternative to home for individuals or small teams that want to collaborate in a protected, on-demand environment. Remote workers are offered a safe and comfortable place to be productive and escape the confinements of their apartments for a moment. A contact-free check-in system allows for seamless and safe entry upon arrival. One can enjoy the benefits of a hotel, including curated "productivity packs" of snacks for each office suite as well as the ability to order contact-free room service from the hotel’s restaurant. Spaces rent for around $200 per day.

Second Home: Los Angeles, CA

The renovated main building includes 320 roaming places on the ground floor and an additional 200 workspaces on a second level. Common areas include a café, bar, restaurant, conference hall, meeting areas, and open terraces.

The remainder of the complex, built above an underground parking garage, consists of 60 oval-shaped bungalows that are interconnected. Individual offices and meeting rooms are surrounded by a rich garden built with four feet of soil on top of the parking slab. The bungalows have a feeling that they are a part of the landscape.

Because each of the pods is free-standing, they enable workers to share space without being exposed to dozens of other people. “While traditional offices recirculate air, each Second Home pod pumps filtered fresh air from outside to flush out airborne contaminants.

Second Home is focused on supporting entrepreneurship and creativity. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, Second Home has doubled down on its online efforts to provide digital programming for its entire community including offering yoga and exercise classes, book clubs, business lectures, online jam sessions, and virtual cocktail parties.

The Gathering Spot: Atlanta, GA

The Gathering Spot is a private membership club that serves as a hub for collaboration, connections, and experiences.

Members of The Gathering Spot are leading entrepreneurs, creators, disruptors, executives, artists, and forward-thinkers who possess the ambition to make impact in the world. According to Gathering Spot Co-Founder, Ryan Wilson interviewed for Rolling Out Magazine, “The Gathering Spot, is a cross between traditional co-working spaces and country clubs, but with a modern twist”.

The Gathering Spot’s first location launched just a few months ago in Midtown Atlanta with the primary goal of foster communication and collaboration with the next generation of business professionals by providing 24/7 access to innovative events, concierge services, state-of-the-art technology, and a full-service restaurant and bar. The Gathering Spot is set to expand to DC this fall, even in the time of a pandemic.

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