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The sections of DC that have grown the most over the last decade

Although the 2020 Census counted fewer DC residents than anticipated, new population counts for the city's wards are not quite as surprising. Dc is constantly replenishing residents, via the main industry, the Federal Government. Per numbers released by the 2020 Census Bureau, the population in Ward 6 increased by nearly 42% since the 2010 Census count, making it the only ward in the city with more than 90,000 residents.

Ward 6 is not only the District's largest ward geographically, but also includes neighborhoods like the H Street Corridor, Buzzard Point, and The Wharf, all of which have seen the bulk of DC's residential development boom over the past decade.

Ward 5 has the second-largest population (89,425 residents) and the second-largest population increase (20%) among all the wards.

Wards 7 and 8 saw the smallest population increase 6.28% and 6.59% respectively although Ward 2 had a similarly marginal increase of 6.86%.

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