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What your neighborhood says about you:

Regardless of what part of the DMV region you are from you know DC is a patchwork of neighborhoods. The neighborhood you live in says a lot about you as a person and more than you might think, about your personality and values. Find out what your DC 'hood says about you.

Adams Morgan

Adams Morgan is a legendary DC party zone. If you live in Adams Morgan you have a bit of a split-personality between business and fun. On any given night you could be downing Millie & Al’s JELL-O shots and/or chowing down on a Jumbo Slice pizza. But then, you also have the refinement to appreciate the escargot hush puppies at Mintwood Place and the duck confit at Roofer’s Union.


You're either a homeowner living off the rapid rise of real estate values or a renter riding out the value of a rapidly changing neighborhood gearing up to resent said homeowners when your rent climbs next year.


North of Massachusetts Avenue SE is about as close to downtown as non-diplomats elect to live. NoMa’s famous landmarks include, Union station train station, Union Market, a restored mid-century meat and produce bazaar, which is now home to top-shelf restaurants like the Michelin-starred Masseria. If you live in NoMa, you usually work on Capitol Hill and have a trust fund

Dupont Circle Most numbered streets in this city run rigidly north-south, but Dupont Circle defines D.C.'s latticework of traffic circles, where cultures — and their cuisines — intersect.

Pedestrians might stop at Dupont's marble fountain for impromptu tai chi or a pick-up chess tournament on their way to the year-round farmers' market at Q and 20th streets. Dupont is loaded with Diplomats from all over the world living in colorful row houses and historic mansions (many are international embassies), Dupont Circle is perfect for the District's most worldly. This is expensive living!!!

U Street

U Street’s transformation started back in the early 90’s thanks to Marc Barnes and the establishment of Republic Gardens (yes good memories). U street has been coined “Black Broadway" for its residents' creative genius and the prominence of Howard University, U Street is the birthplace of Duke Ellington and a landmark of the early 1900s New Negro Movement. Today, U Street is home to the best jazz joints in town. This neighborhood is equally renowned for great eats and on-your-sleeve visual art along its 14th Street corridor. Don't miss the Iconic Ben's Chili Bowl food, and while there, don’t forget to check out who’s on the world-famous mural on the side of the building. Living on U street says you are cooler than any of your friends.


Living in Chinatown, downtown DC says you like to go hard all day and all night, but unfortunately, so do the tourists who flock to your neighborhood, which is why you almost had a breakdown the other day when you waited for what seemed like hours to buy Hot Pockets at Walgreens at 3 am. Great views for people watching and action, this is a go all night part of town.

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