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5 Things to look for in Warehouse space

If you looking to build/own a warehouse space here are 5 things you need to look for.

1. Location, Location, Location:

Just like with choosing a house, location is everything even when choosing a warehouse space. Remember that you need to take your customer base into consideration. Having your warehouse closer to customers reduces delivery time and logistics expenses and it can improve delivery times, which in turn improves the experience for your business partners and customers.

A good location for a warehouse facility is near highways or other transportation links like railways and airports. In addition, to supply chain partners, remember to consider accessibility for employees and clients who also need to reach your location on a regular basis.

2. Infrastructure:

In order to consider what infrastructure you need around your warehouse, you must take into account the type and volume of product that will pass through your warehouse space. For example, if your facility requires a high demand for electricity or advanced communications to support it, then looking for space to build will require experts that have knowledge of city/county power grids and communications towers.

In addition, make sure the type of storage required is part of the decision making process from the start, especially if you need to store or handle products that are perishable, like food, or potentially hazardous or flammable. Knowing things like traffic patterns are of paramount importance. Hiring experts that know development and know that the market is your best options for a worry free project.

3. Right-sized for now and later:

Choose a warehouse that’s the right size for now but leaves room for growth. If you anticipate growth -- and most people do -- make sure your warehouse can accommodate several years of growth, which will avoid the expense and hassle of moving someplace else that can meet expectations.

4. Environmental risk factors:

Every place has its potential for unforeseen natural disasters, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, or blizzards are just a few of the many things that can delay or destroy a business. No location on earth is totally free of the potential destruction from natural forces.

The best advice is to do your homework or partner with a company that knows the market, which will help avoid selecting a warehouse location that may be problematic.

5. Cost:

In spite of all of the above considerations, one concern may override them all -- pricing. Warehouses are often built/offered by the square foot, but be sure to verify how pricing for each space is being calculated. Partner with a development partner that understands the complexities of creating a large space and how to save time and money doing so.

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