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Co-Living Spaces are future for Multi-Use Developments

What Is Co-Living?

Co-living is a modern form of shared housing for like-minded people to live, work and play together. In many instances, the spaces are fully furnished, well-designed living spaces that create an inspiring environment for people to interact and share experiences and ideas.

The biggest value of joining a co-living space is access to the community. Co-living spaces are designed to bring people together. Unlike a traditional apartment or condo building, they’re full of inviting, open areas where residents can work and socialize as a group, as well as private bedrooms where you can unwind away from the crowd.

With the focus in many major cities around finding affordable housing, co-living spaces are fast becoming the preferred option. Many Developers are repurposing older apartment buildings and traditional row homes into co-living spaces as a source of passive income rentals.

The idea of co-living is nothing new, but the reason behind its rising popularity today is. In the recent past, the societal norm has been to work hard, buy a house, and move into it with your family. But society is going through major changes in age, demographics, and taste.

The Internet has transformed the way we interact with others and the way we can earn a living. We’re also more mobile than ever before. We can easily move or travel to a new city to attend school, start a new job, or simply to see if we want to move there permanently. We can even work from anywhere in the world on our computers, which has opened up an array of new lifestyle choices. Employers have a lot to gain from providing co-living options for their new hires. As housing and rental prices continue to skyrocket, it can be difficult for employees to relocate for work without breaking the bank. By partnering with developers to build viable co-living spaces, companies can help their employees make the transition smooth and cost-effective.

Co-living is gaining traction today because it’s a great way to save both resources and money. So while co-living isn’t a new idea, the reasons why we’re choosing co-living communities today are.

We have provided some examples of popular Co-living spaces from around the world.

Star city- San Francisco: 28 residents in a modern 8 unit building

The Remington- NW wash, Dc – 49 residents, renovated apartment building

The Canary Wharf – Central London – 27 residents in a Luxury Hi-rise

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