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If you've got a $1000 you can create a Smart Home

So, you have less than $1,000 you would like to spend on building a smart home. Here are 7 essential items that will help you and your home feel more connected without spending a fortune.

1) Get Started with a Video Doorbell

If you want to get started while keeping the budget down, we’d strongly recommend the base model of a video doorbell system, perhaps a Ring. Convenience is the primary benefit of video entry systems, along with making sure you are in control of all comings and goings around your home.

2) Smarten Up Your Entry System On a Budget

Smart door locks also have many benefits, and many of the most popular ones on the market can retrofit your current lock setup. Many of the most popular locks offer keyless entry, via phone apps or key fobs as well temporary or permanent codes you can share, so if you've got friends, family, or any home help coming over they will have the ability to enter at your command.

3) Smart Speaker & Home Hub

If you're new to home automation, it won't take you long to find out there's no unified standard, so devices sometimes don't play nicely together, but having a home hub like an Amazon Echo device and simplify your life.

Smart home hubs allow devices from contrasting brands to communicate with one another (assuming they share a protocol) from speakers, and lights to refrigerators and stoves. The devices offer hands-free control of your entire smart home.

4) Classic Smart Lighting:

Philips makes a Hue Starter Kit that is a wise entry point if you want to smarten up your lighting without spending a great deal. You won’t need to call in an electrician or worry about rewiring. Simply give these bulbs a try and then expand over time if you find them to your liking.

You can build up to 50 bulbs into your ecosystem, which is far more than enough for most needs.

5) Intelligent Climate Control To Make Your Life Easier and Save Money

Potentially the most common starting point for many newcomers to home automation is a smart thermostat. Being able to program your home and away times will save you big money throughout the year. For Many brands when the green leaf is illuminated, your house is running energy-efficiently. Any truly smart home is a green home, and you'll be minimizing your electricity consumption through intelligent climate control.

6) Smart TV For All Your Entertainment

If you thought smart TVs and streaming devices were super expensive, you might be surprised at how affordable they can be, many under $500. Smart TVs allow access to traditional channels as well as networks like NETFLIX, HULU, and APPLE TV with over 500,000 movies and TV shows across 5000 channels; you’ll never be stuck for something to watch. All of this technology can be operated through your smart hub.

7) Stealth Security Camera without Spending a Fortune

Since you’ll want a degree of protection, why not think about a stealth camera to watch the outside of your property.

Looking through an HD quality camera, you can capture footage of anyone trying to enter your home with ill intent. If the motion sensor is triggered, a piercing siren should see off any would-be intruder. You’ll also be able to communicate with two-way audio or by playing a pre-recorded message. You can also call 911.

Final Word

If you have $1000 to spare, you can automate your home! Contact our team at to help build and install more sophisticated intelligent home features.

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