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The Critical Decision to Demolish & Rebuild or Renovate a Home

The question of renovating versus demolishing a house and rebuilding is one worth discussing, especially in the DC Metro area because new home prices are astronomical and the costs of rebuilding or renovating could be an alternative depending on your situation.

Many factors go into the decision, and it’s often not a clear-cut solution either way. Factors, like the historical significance of a building, the condition of the house, whether or not you want to upgrade your home to go “green” and possible setbacks you may incur with demolition, i.e. permits, noise complaints from neighbors, insurance, and of course BUDGET.


How much does it cost to demolish and rebuild a house?

The cost of demolishing a house is less than you may think. The national average cost of demolishing a home is just under $9,000. However, your cost can vary based on your location, size of the house and other factors.

Below is a quick resource chart complied by a company called Hometown Demolition. These are not exact figures but will provide you with a general idea.

National Average Cost to Demolish & Rebuild a House

House Size Demolition Cost Rebuild Cost Total Cost

1,000 sq. ft. $4K - $15K $40K - $175K $44K- $190K

2,000 sq. ft. $8K - $30K $70K - $350K $78K- $380K

3,000 sq. ft. $12K- $45K $120K - $525K $132K- $570K

Other factors affecting the cost of demolishing and rebuilding a home

· Size of the home you're building

  • Where you are building the home

  • Accessibility of the build site

  • Materials used to build the house

  • Features of the home

  • Site work that needs to be done

  • Which contractor you hire


How much does it cost to remodel a house?

Renovating can be a more affordable alternative to demolishing and rebuilding a custom home in some cases.

Below is a quick reference chart for renovating a home.

National Average Home Remodel Costs

Type of Remodel Minimum Cost Maximum Cost Minor Remodel - includes: interior & exterior painting, small repairs/refinishing touches, new landscaping $25,000 $45,000

Medium Remodel - includes: minor remodels listed above, total kitchen renovation, minor bathroom remodel $46,000 $75,000

Major Remodel - includes: minor & medium remodels listed above, fixing foundation issues, roof, sewer line issues $76,000 $100,000 +

Factors Affecting the Cost of Remodeling a Home

  • Size of the house (or how much of the home you want to remodel)

  • Where the house is located

  • Which contractor you choose to hire

  • Accessibility of the remodel location

  • Remodel custom features and materials

Please keep in mind with renovating it's not uncommon for homeowners to greatly underestimate the cost of home renovation projects. Not only can new carpet and paint cost $10,000+ alone, but costs also tend to accumulate the further you get into a renovation project and the more hidden problems are discovered.

For instance, tearing off drywall can reveal mold issues, leaky pipes, rotted wood, damaged wiring, a cracked foundation, or other problems. A $10,000 estimated budget could balloon into $50,000 once the work progresses.

The key is taking the necessary precautions during the planning phase before the first sledgehammer is swung. Know what you want to accomplish with the home and speak to a professional such as BHI Construction & Real Estate Development Co. to help you in such a crucial decision.



Consult with BHI Construction & Real Estate Development corp. to Help you through the decision making process.

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