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Ways to get the best use out of your backyard.

Build an ADU as a guesthouse, a relaxation space, a rental unit, or an

Airbnb unit. An ADU, or accessory dwelling unit, is a great space to relax in, rent out, or reserve for guests or family. Many people take advantage of the extra space an ADU lends to their property in creative ways. Depending on your needs, an ADU can be a great fit in your backyard, adding a bit more square footage to your home while remaining a detached, separate space.


ADUs make great rental units on your property. Homeowners will find that they serve as flexible housing solutions and provide supplemental income.


Many customers are looking toward at-home options for assisted living for their elderly parents or relatives. ADUs provide the benefit of keeping loved ones close while giving them their own space.


Find an escape in your own backyard with an ADU. Whether you use this space to practice your daily yoga or as a quick escape from the kids, you can find peace and quiet in your personal sanctuary, just a few steps away from home.


If you love to entertain and host friends & family, an accessory dwelling unit makes for the perfect backyard guesthouse. Units can be fully equipped with electrical and plumbing as an all-in-one solution for your hosting needs.


Post-pandemic many workers have adapted to working from home. These units can be the perfect solution for a crowded noisy house when you’ve got to get work done.

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